• We are extremely delighted and proud with our decision of admitting our son in PGS. Prior to joining PGS, Thrinai was shy in nature and kept to himself with hardly any interaction with others. After his association with PGS, he has become very active and also started to interact with us in English too, which is very remarkable. We are also happy to see him manage his daily activities on his own. Wish we had this school during our days.

    Kudos to the PGS Team for inculcating the best.

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    Kavitha & Ravindran
    Parents of Thrinai Karthick (UKG)
  • "I have two kids at PGS. One of the strengths of PGS is easy communication between parents and management/staff. Management and teachers are open minded and flexible, which is a breath of fresh air. PGS provides the perfect blend and balance of academic and other extra curricular activities. It is a great school for the kids"

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    Ravindran (B.E, M.S) & Priya Ravindran (B.E)
    Parents of Premeetha and Sudeep Ravi
  • "As a parent, my expectation was best curriculum, latest educational methods and excellent co-curricular activities for my child.Here, in Park Global School my son experiences all the above with an amazing International exposure. The school is a micro-world, which provides room for celebrating all National and International festivals.

    Excellent atmosphere and fun learning experience for my child makes me happy and comfortable. In particular, I feel that parents are very approachable at any time to the staff and Management.

    Finally I thank PGS for following Individual Educational Programme which provides a good knowledge of each child not only in the area of education, but in all means….."

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    Parent of A Akshay
    Grade III