The school is student-centered. Teaching methodologies and interactive learning environments are designed to stimulate the joy of inquiry. This process is facilitated both inside and outside the classroom, and is aided by extensive “co-curricular” or non-core subjects such as music and art, and “extra-curricular” activities such as drama, dance or sports teams.

A program of computer education, from primary years through Higher Secondary, is also an integral part of the curriculum. All of these aspects are designed to extend the process of the students’ intellectual and personal growth and contribute to the development of value systems. At the same time, they help build the foundations for a life-long process of learning and achievement.

  • Keyboard
  • Art and Craft
  • Western Dance
  • Vedic Maths
  • Quiz
  • General Knowledge
  • Creative Writing

  • Computer
  • Yoga
  • Chess
  • Carnatic Music
  • Bharathanatiyam
  • Guitar
  • Violin

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rugby

  • Volleyball
  • Shuttle Badminton
  • Throw Ball

The students will be coached by trained and experienced coaches.